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 A few words about reflexology from my clients 

Margie has a healing touch.
She notes all elements that might need attention taking into account a client's hollistic needs.
Personally, I was dealing with ambiguous health issues, and she brought nurturing attention to help me get through that time.
My circulation was visibly improved through reflexology and some of my pain and discomfort alleviated.
Working with Margie offers powerfully healing sessions that serve the body and mind.  —H.M.

Reflexology with Margie has been for remarkably therapeutic
for my physical and mental health. I was having issues sleeping,
some digestive problems, and regular aches and pains that come with aging. I saw major improvements with those conditions after just a few sessions.
 In addition to the results, I really love Margie's energy. She always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. —B.G.

Reflexology enlivens my body differently than other alternatives treatments do. After the treatment I have a feeling of inner expansiveness …like I have more air in me. Neuropathy and pain in my extremeties is greatly helped. —M.V.

As an aging but avid athlete, I suffer from my share of aches and pains. Reflexology is a favorite way to give myself a relaxing treat.  Margie quickly identifies areas that need more work and treats them with a firm but gentle touch.  
My treatments improved my posture, balance and flexibility. —S.R.


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